TL45 Polymer Modified Cement Floor Patch

TL45 Patch is a fast curing dry powder with highly reactive cements, special chemicals and synthetic polymers, which provides necessary working characteristics and
surface hardness needed to properly prepare the substrate surfaces. An enhanced smooth finish is maintained even with layered applications.


  • Fill holes, voids and depressions up to 12mm thickness
  • Only use for interior
  • All types of ceramic, carpet and resilient adhesives

Features and Benefits

  • Rapid setting and self-drying
  • Enhanced smooth finish
  • Residential or commercial use

Suitable Substrates

  • Masonry
  • Concrete(fully cured for 28 days old)
  • Cement baker board
  • Cement mortars and leveling compounds
  • Gypsum wall board
  • Exterior grade plywood

Approximate Coverage

10kg TL45 mixed with 3.6L water can approximately cover 2.8m2 with 3mm thickness notch trowel


10kg/bag (22 lb/bag)




  • TDS (eng)
  • TDS (French)
  • SDS (eng)
  • SDS (French)


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